DecorAccion is over….but IADE has set its print

After a 4 days event, all those involved in DecorAcción 2012 have a sweet & sour taste in their mouths. Sour because its over, it has meant an enormous effort in creativity and design, but specially because it has meant a huge amount of work and we have now the feeling that it has been over very quickly. But it has been worth the effort, that is why the sweet taste, because all the work done has meant congratulations, kind words, exclamations and possitive comments, recognizing the talent and implication of IADE in this great celebration of interiorism and decoration.




Once again we have been the only School present in multiple scenarios, not only the two Vincci Soho Hotel main façades (one with the already famous gecko, and the other one in which CasaDecor requested us to design for them a special installation), according to a criteria for a simple and low cost installation, to communicate the concepts and philosophies of CasaDecor.

The design for CasaDecor was made out of 462 plastified A5 size red canvas with handwritten words related to interiorism like illumination, design, decoration, architecture, coating and so on. These 462 canvas were linked by a 235mts long red rope that was attached to the façade.



The success has been so great that Vincci Soho Hotel has requested us to keep up the gecko hanging from their façade until October 15th. Not only passers-by, but media have been excited about or «little» shiny giant.

We feel extremely proud of this so very special design, in which we have invested around 900 hrs between design and production. It has 4,200 CDs, 4,200 washers and 4,200 zip-ties, all tied to a 35sqm metal mesh hanging from the façade, with a total weight of 125kg.

Our 3rd Year Interior Design alumni have created in 6 local establishments (jewelry, art, restaurant, etc), different installations.

• Acotté (c/ León, 6. Alumni: Rocío Plaza Martín, Luz Aída Osorio, Iván Cuenca Soler). Installation’s name: Urban Nature

• Acotté (c/ León, 4. Alumni: Rocío Ruiz de Bucesta, José Rivero, Adriana Puras). Installation’s name: Antique Simpleness & Elegance

• Antigüedades Roche Sánchez, c/ Prado, 19. Alumni: Tamara Ramírez, Amalia García, Ana Carabaño. Sponsors: Armstrong and Plotter). Installation’s name: The Geocinetical Garden

• Joyería Étnica (c/ León, 4. Alumnos: Tamara Ramírez, Amalia García, Ana Carabaño. Sponsors: Estudio 3, Telas Gancedo, Felipao)

• Restaurante Olsen (c/ Prado, 15. Alumni: Nerea González, Claudia López, Mayte Hernando, Miriam Blázquez. Sponsors: Ilumisa, Telas Gancedo). Installation’s name: Olsen’s Dream

• Quintarte (c/ León, 5. Alumnos: Cynthia González, Stella Matutes, Eva Cifuentes. Sponsors: Liquitex, Estudio Reverso). Installation’s name: Colour & Art Space

Façades and showcases have been modified and changed with singular designs directly out from the alumni imagination, therefore a great variety of materials have been used, such as different kind of metals (alluminium, steel) to plastic, canvas, vynils, cork or elements such as panels, pallets, ropes, lamps or even plaster figures.

Once again we would like to insist in thanking brands like onthespot, Los Peñotes Centro de Jardinería, Ortiz Construcciones and Lámparas Oliva, as without them it would not have been possible all these unique creations.




Please check out the following media links (TV, online press) where you can find info on this event and IADE participation:

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